Summer in the City

With summer in full swing, Western New Yorkers are busy enjoying our most lively season, frequenting area parks, beaches, pools, and festivals.  While much has changed in Buffalo over the years, summer has always been enthusiastically celebrated with outdoor fun.  Check out these summertime images from our Local History Scrapbook collection:

The Grosvenor Room has over 400 scrapbook volumes filled with newspaper clippings on many aspects of life in Western New York, including Sports, Schools, Clubs & Associations, Parks, Buildings, Streets, Theaters, Military Affairs, the Peace Bridge, and the Waterfront.  There is even a scrapbook on the “Trees of Buffalo.” 

 With articles and images primarily from the Buffalo Times, Courier Express, and Buffalo (Evening) News, the scrapbooks are a fascinating resource for learning about life in Western New York through the years.   In general, years covered are 1900 to the early 1960s.

Sources: Pier: Sports in Buffalo [Scrapbook] GV584.5.B9 B9 Vol.1, p.333; Bikes: Sports in Buffalo [Scrapbook] GV584.5.B9 B9 Vol.2, p.118; Playground: Playgrounds in Buffalo [Scrapbook] GV431.B9 B9, p.51; Delaware Park: Parks in Buffalo [Scrapbook] SB483.B9 B88 Vol. 1, p.108

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