Collection Highlight: Yearbooks

Members of the senior class. 1941 Fosdick Masten Park High School. The Chronicle, pp.26-27.

Did you know that the Central Library has hundreds of local yearbooks?  High school and college yearbooks for various city and suburban schools can be found in the Buffalo Collection in the Grosvenor Room.  Some college yearbooks and alumni directories are stored in the closed stacks and can be retrieved in minutes by staff.  Click here to view the schools and years available.

While the bulk of the collection is between 1920 and 1980, we do have a few yearbooks from early schools dating back to the 1860s.  The collection also includes literary publications for some schools.

Varsity Football team, 1899 University at Buffalo. The Iris, p. 285.

Tonawanda Senior High School, 1955. The Tonawandan, p. 36.

Though often overlooked by genealogists, yearbooks can provide a fascinating glimpse into an ancestor’s youth.   They can also be used by local history researchers exploring a certain time period or school related history.  And, as with modern day yearbooks, many include advertisements useful for local business research.

Advertisement. South Park High School, 1928. The Dial, p. 121.

As the yearbooks were acquired through the years largely by donation, we do not own every year for every school.  If the yearbook you are looking for is not listed in our guide, we suggest contacting the school to see if they have a copy.

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