Buffalo Talking Proud–30 Years Later


News of the Year : Buffalo’s 150 Years of History, Year by Year… (Grosvenor Room, Buffalo Collection, F129.B8 N44), are transcripts of a 150 episode series aired on WBFO during Buffalo’s Sesquicentennial year (1982). The entry for 1980 discusses among other things, a “new campaign promoting the City of Buffalo was introduced…local residents were “talking proud” about Buffalo…a city that had been the brunt of jokes around the nation for several years.”

Anyone who lived through the 1980’s in Buffalo recalls the snappy jingle and the peppy woman in the red jumpsuit who sang the Queen City’s praises. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the video for the commercial but the “Forgotten Buffalo” Web site has the audio.  We learned from the Buffalo News database that Terry Licata Braunstein was the actress who lead the crowds through the streets of Buffalo for the commercial commissioned by the then Buffalo Chamber of Commerce.  (Library card holders have free access to the database, which covers articles from 1989 forward). A local television station did a “Where are they now?” feature in 2008 and updated viewers on the “Talkin’ Proud Gal”. Curious? Click here.

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