A Buffalo Weather Bibliography

Ice Mountain and Ice Bridge in Front of American Fall, 1901. Source: The grandeurs of the Exposition by Richard Hayes Barry, 1901.


  • Annual Meteorological Summary of Buffalo, New York – U. S. Department of Agriculture, Weather Bureau.  Buffalo QC 984.N6 U62. 

Buffalo weather data for the years 1906-1939.  Monthly summaries of data such as temperature, precipitation, and wind is given as well as comparative charts which give data back to 1871.

  • The Blizzard – by Robert Bahr.  Buffalo F 129.B8 B157. 

A narrative account of Buffalo and its citizens’ survival during the snowstorm.

  • Buffalo Buried: The Blizzard of ’77 – by Katy Kline and Carol Nash.  Buffalo F129.B8 B6833.

Experience or re-live the blizzard through photographs: complete with white outs, dig outs, mountains of snow, the buried city, snow play and sculptures, and beautiful images of the blizzard’s architecture.

  • Confronting Severe Winter Storms: Preparedness and Response in Buffalo and Erie County – by Timothy Burman.  Buffalo QC 984.N6 C66 2003.

A report put together by Urban Planning students at UB which makes recommendations on improving winter weather disaster preparedness.  It includes historic weather data such as deaths due to winter weather, record snowfalls, injuries from winter weather, and frequency of winter storm consequences.

  • Frozen Assets: The Beautiful Truth About Western New York’s Fourth Season – by Mark Donnelly.  Buffalo F 129.B843 D66 2009.

An entertaining book to help you get through the Buffalo winter.  Read about Buffalo weather myths, weather terminology, winter survival strategies, poetry, and more!  This work also includes many modern photos. 

  • Summary of Weather Records at Buffalo: Nov. 1, 1870 – Nov. 1 1970 – prepared by Benjamin Kolker. Buffalo QC 984.N6 K6

A chart of weather records as of 1970 including topics such as average and extreme: temperatures, precipitation, snowfall, and wind speed.

  • The Weather: Clippings about the Weather and the Weather Bureau – Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. Scrapbook QC 984.N6 B9

A collection of newspaper articles related to Buffalo weather from 1903-1961. 

  • Western New York Weather Guide: A Century of Sun, Snow & Rain – by Tom Jolls. Buffalo QC 984.N6 J65 1996

This fact-filled book includes weather anecdotes, historic weather conditions, weather records, and other topics.

  • White Death: The Blizzard of ’77 – by Erno Rossie.  Buffalo QC 929.S7 R67 1999.

Read first hand American and Canadian accounts of the storm. Black and white images are included.

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