New Online Resources for the New Year

  • Civil War Soldiers Data – The New York State Military Museum has put the annual reports of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York pertaining to Civil War soldiers online, organized by regiment.  These reports include basic military service details such as enlistment information, years in service, military units, and discharge information.  To read more detail about this resource and other Civil War resources at the Museum click here.

The Grosvenor Room owns most of these Adjutant-General reports.  See our Civil War Resources for New York State guide to find out more about our Civil War holdings.

  • Genealogy Reference Books – has put two core genealogy reference books online in wiki format:

Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources – Gives overviews of genealogy research for each U.S. State. Typical information found in this book includes a brief history of the state, details on different record types available and where to access them, a list of background sources, a list of institutions with pertinent collections, information on researching special population groups, a county map, and county formation information.

The Source: A Guidebook to American GenealogyA popular genealogy research guide which gives instruction on a wide range of genealogy topics.  It is a good source for beginners or for seasoned genealogists looking to focus on a specific topic or record type.

See our Getting Started with Genealogy guide to see a select list of genealogy handbooks available at the Central Library.

  • Google eBookstore – Google’s new eBookstore platform allows you to view free books as well as purchase materials.  To search for free online genealogy books, enter genealogy (with other search terms if you would like to narrow the subject) into the search box.  When you get the results list, select Free only.  If you find a book that you would like to read, click on it. Next, choose Get it now.  You will be prompted to input your Google/Gmail username and password or to set up an account. Once you have input the required information click the Read now button.  The books are scanned images.  You can browse page by page, choose a chapter from the table of contents, or search the book.

Want to find out about more free only online genealogy sources?  Check out the web links on our Genealogy web page and visit the New York Heritage digital collection.

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