Milton Rogovin, 1909-2011

Social documentary photographer, supporter of leftist causes, and Buffalo resident Milton Rogovin died on January 18th.  He was ostracized for his political beliefs and his refusal to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) For fifty years he captured images of what he called “the forgotten people”–residents of Buffalo’s Lower West Side and Indians on local reservations, the people of Appalachia and elsewhere. He also documented storefront African American churches on Buffalo’s east side in the early 1960’s.

Rogovin’s archive can be found online at the Library of Congress’s site (Prints and Photographs Reading Room). The New York Times obituary can be read here. The B&ECPL Rare Book collection has a Milton Rogovin collection of 21 photographs—16 presented by Mr. Rogovin and the Grosvenor Society and 5 presented by the Librarians’ Association. These images include people in the Lower West Side neighborhood of Buffalo, New York, and in the Appalachian coal-mining region, some of which appear in Milton Rogovin : The Forgotten Ones. The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library has many of Milton Rogovin’s books to borrow. Check our catalog.

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