Celebrating the life of Manny Fried, Local Activist and Artist

Emanuel “Manny” Fried, renowned Buffalo actor, playwright, labor leader, and social activist, died yesterday at 97.  Investigated during the McCarthy era due to his work as a union organizer, he was once labeled “the most dangerous man in Western New York.”  Fried was highly regarded in the theater community; in 2008 the Subversive Theater Collective named their new performance space in North Buffalo’s Great Arrow Building “The Manny Fried Playhouse.”

A  prolific writer of plays, short stories and novels often focused on labor themes, he published his autobiography, Most Dangerous Man: A Personal Memoir, in 2010.  Fried’s works are available to check out at the Central Library, and reference copies can be found the Grosvenor Buffalo Collection and Rare Book Room. Check our catalog for the following titles:

  • The un-American: Autobiographical Non-fiction Novel
  • Big Ben Hood: A Novel
  • Elegy for Stanley Gorski
  • Meshugah and Other Stories
  • Drop Hammer
  • The Dodo Bird
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