Medical Terms for Genealogists

Would you like to better understand your ancestor’s illness?  The following list includes books that define medical terms, give historical background to illnesses, and describe treatment for select illnesses.

GRO Ref R462 .B75 1998. Briggs, Elizabeth and Colin. Before Modern Medicine: Diseases & Yesterday’s Remedies. Winnipeg, Manitoba:  Westgarth, 1998. A detailed work which provides an overview of historical medicine; medical terms; some illnesses include their causes, history, symptoms, treatment, and details of epidemics; Native American medical treatments; medicines and remedies sometimes with their history, use, and current status of use;  and sample death certificates.

GRO Ref R123 .J47 1995. Jerger, Dr. Jeanette L.  A Medical Miscellany for Genealogists.  Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1995.

GRO Ref RA407.5 .P64 C48 1991. Chorzempa, Rosemary A. Morbus: Why and How Our Ancestor’s Died: A Genealogist’s Dictionary of Terms Found in Vital Records with Descriptions of the Diseases as They Relate to the Health of Our Ancestors. Chicago, IL: Polish Genealogical Society of America, 1991. Includes Polish, Latin, Russian, and German sections.

GRO Ref CS9 .J33 2001. Jacobson, Judy. A Field Guide for Genealogists.   Baltimore, MD: Clearfield, 2001

GRO Ref PE1667 .D73 1994. Drake, Paul. What Did They Mean By That?: A Dictionary of Historical Terms for Genealogists. Bowie, MD:  Heritage Books, 1994.

GRO Ref PE1667 .D73 1994 v.2. Drake, Paul. What Did They Mean By That?: A Dictionary of Historical Terms for Genealogists: Some More Words, Volume 2. Bowie, MD:  Heritage Books, 1998.

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