Holidays…in the “olden days”

Our scrapbook collection never fails to surprise and delight us!  In a few volumes devoted to holidays, we find that librarians saved newspaper articles that featured the origins and traditions of many celebrated days. Here are a few items on Halloween:

Holidays scrapbook Halloween p. 369

Holiday customs from 1923, Literary Digest. Article from the NY Times, 1929.

Holidays scrapbook Halloween p. 375

“Hallowe’en” traditions and superstitions from Scotland. From the Buffalo Express newspaper, 1899.

While the majority of our scrapbooks have clippings from Buffalo newspapers only, the Holiday Scrapbooks often have articles from other major papers of the time. Librarians sought to preserve civic and religious holiday history in these educational and entertaining volumes.  Take a look at these unique scrapbooks on your next visit to the Grosvenor Room!

holiday scrapbook Books on shelf

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