New Online Resources – African American Churches in Buffalo

Michigan Street Baptist Church, Buffalo, N.Y. Image courtesy Andrew Carrotflower.

If you are researching Buffalo African American genealogy or history, the Grosvenor Room has two new resources that may help.

The first is a list of African American Churches, including current and prior addresses and the approximate timeframe at each address.  The second is its accompanying map:

The purpose of these resources is to help genealogists locate churches that were near their ancestors’ homes for the correct timeframe. (We hope you find many other uses for it.)  To help achieve this purpose, the map’s markers are labeled by the years that it was located at the selected address.  The markers are also color-coded by religious denomination.  Clicking on a marker will reveal the church’s name, current and prior addresses, and if the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library carries records for the selected church.

If you are looking for more research guidance, consult our longstanding guides:

African-American Genealogy

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Niagara Movement

Underground Railroad on the Niagara Frontier

We look forward to assisting you when the Central Library reopens!

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